Tips To Help Ensure You Keep Automatic Door Maintenance A Priority


Whether its a small, neighborhood market or large, big-box retailer, one thing is true – customers need a convenient and safe way to enter and exit a business. An automatic door system can help you accomplish this goal. Using sensor technology, your customers can conveniently and safely enter and exit your business, hands-free. While operation is fairly carefree, owning this style of door isn't as carefree. If you own automatic doors you must make maintenance a priority. Here are a couple of tips and scenarios that can highlight to you just how important maintenance is.

Maintenance Tips

Sensor inspection. One of the most critical maintenance tips for you to remember is the importance of having the sensor inspected. Ideally, you should be having a technician come out and perform this step at least two times every year. The sensor is the heart of the door system, telling it when to open and close. Catching an issue with the sensor early can prevent a number of issues.

Force generator test. Several times a week, it's a good idea to perform a force generator test. This is a critical maintenance safety test. When closing, automatic door systems are designed to open when they come in contact with any object. Performing this test is simple. When the door is closing, place a small object in its path. If the door opens, it's working just fine; however, should it continue to close, stop using the door immediately and call a technician.

Don't Skimp on Maintenance

Injuries. A malfunction with your automatic door can easily cause it to follow an incorrect opening and closing pattern. In this instance, the door could abruptly close on a customer who is actually walking through the doorway, causing a number of injuries. Not only would your business likely be deemed financially responsible for any injuries, but this could also leave a bad spot on your reputation.

Limited Access. Should you ignore the need for maintenance to your door system for a prolonged period of time, it could completely fail. If the system fails while the door is in the closed position, this could prevent any new customers from entering into your business until the door is fixed. On a busy day this could cause a significant blow to your business's profit potential.

Make certain you're making maintenance to your automatic door system a priority. A trained technician will ensure your customers have convenient and safe access to your business at all times.


21 May 2015

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