2 Ways To Make Your Impact Windows More Efficient


You don't have to spend a lot of money to make your impact windows more energy efficient. Some people think that old windows are beyond repair and that their only option is to remove them and install a brand new, energy efficient product. While most new window products are extremely energy-efficient and a great investment, many homeowners cannot afford such an expensive remodel. If you are looking for affordable ways to make your windows more efficient, this article is for you!

Weatherstripping Is a Life Saver

Weatherstripping will be your best friend if you have leaky movable windows. Some windows, especially those with wooden frames, warp over time. This means that they don't always close to create a perfect seal. When this happens, the air can leak in between the frame and sash, even when the window is closed and locked. This makes it much harder to maintain a steady temperature in your home during the winter and summer.

Weatherstripping is a very easy and affordable way to fix this problem. You can find rubber or felt weatherstripping products that are very easy to apply. The tape-style stripping is the easiest to work with. It is adhesive-backed and comes in various thicknesses and length.

Make sure you choose product that is plenty thick. In fact, you might need different thicknesses. For instance, one side of the window might need 1/8" thick stripping, while the other needs a full 1/4" because the gap is wider. Just make sure it fits nice and snug. Both rubber and felt stripping can easily be cut to length using a pair of normal scissors. Just make sure that you clean the surface well before applying the adhesive tape.

Add Some Window Film

Window film is another affordable and easy-to-apply product that works great in combating extreme cold or heat. Some people think that tinted window films are only useful during the summer. While it is best used to combat the effect of sun rays, window film also adds insulation to your glass during the winter. Heat loss will definitely be slowed down with window films. You can find a range of window films with and without tints. You can also find both interior and exterior films for even more efficiency.

Contact a window installer like The Screen Shop Inc to find out how you can better incorporate and protect the impact windows at your home.


29 August 2017

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