3 Advantages Of Installing An Overhead Door In Your Tiny Home


Interior design trends are constantly changing, but certain aesthetics seem to stay in style throughout the years. One of these sought-after design trends is industrial chic. Incorporating industrial elements into the design of your tiny home can help you achieve a unique and functional living space.

If you are hoping to make your tiny home have a more industrial feel, you should consider adding an overhead door. These doors aren't just for garages or warehouses, they can lend an industrial element to your residential living space as well.

1. Overhead doors are extremely durable.

Many tiny home owners are draw to their small living spaces because tiny homes are mobile. Hauling your tiny home down the open road gives you the ability to take home with you wherever you  may travel, but it also means that the materials you use to construct your living space need to be durable enough to withstand constant transportation.

Overhead doors are installed using heavy-duty hardware that won't rattle or rust when you are driving. The metal used for each panel within an overhead door is durable enough to resist scratching and dents should any pebbles be thrown into the door by passing cars.

2. Overhead doors help to bring the outside in.

One of the main concerns tiny home owners have is feeling cramped or crowded inside their living space. Opting to install an overhead door instead of a traditional door in your tiny home allows you to bring the outside in as you enjoy your home.

Opening up the overhead door will create a more spacious and airy feel within your tiny home, helping to alleviate any claustrophobia or feelings of being crowded that you may encounter as you occupy your small living space over time.

3. Overhead doors make decorating a breeze.

Moving furnishings in and out of a tiny home can be challenging. Since there isn't a lot of room to maneuver, larger furnishings like mattresses or couches often won't fit through a traditional door and into a tiny home. Installing an overhead door gives you a large access point that can be used to move almost anything into and out of your tiny home.

As the overhead door rolls upward onto the ceiling when it is open, you won't have to worry about wasting square footage by leaving a space open for a door to swing inward either. These space-saving features can really come in handy when moving into your tiny home. Contact a company, like Anderson Door Co Of Michigan, for more help.


21 January 2018

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