Common Door Problems That Require Professional Repairs


Keeping the doors to your home in good condition is necessary if you are to avoid potential security issues and even structural damage. While modern residential doors are designed to be extremely reliable, they can still experience the following problems, which require professional repair:

Alignment Problems

In order to open and close, the door must be properly aligned. Any alignment issues that it suffers can result in the door scraping and damaging the floors or failing to fully close. In many cases, these alignment issues are the result of the door's hinges starting to loosen or detach from the walls. Once this happens, it can be surprisingly difficult to permanently correct without experience and the right tools. For example, if the holes for the screws have grown too large, a homeowner may assume that they can simply drill them deeper into the frame. Yet this is not always an effective repair, as there may not be enough space left for the screw to go much deeper into the wood.

A Rotting Frame

The frame that holds the door in place needs to be extremely strong. This helps the door withstand the movements that occur with normal use and allows the door to resist attempts to kick it open.

If the frame becomes rotted, it will have to be replaced to restore the strength and durability of the door. Replacing the frame is a major repair, but it is a process that a professional door repair contractor should be able to complete relatively quickly. This will allow you to address your security problem with minimal disruptions or delays.

Window Leaks

Many doors contain a window, allowing individuals to see their porch and yard. If the glass in this window suffers damage, it can allow moisture to seep into the home. Luckily, it is usually possible to repair this damage without needing to replace the entire door, as it is often caused by the failure of the weatherstripping along the edges of the pane of glass. Replacing the failed weather stripping can plug the leak, but it will have to be done correctly to be fully effective. Any small gaps left between the weatherstripping and the door will still allow moisture to enter.  

If your door needs any of the above problems repaired, or if it has another problem that is inconveniencing or worrying you, hire a professional door repair company, like AM PM Door Service, near you. 


27 October 2021

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