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Most people are spending quite a bit more time indoors these days. Due to being inside their homes more often, they tend to also be running their HVAC system more frequently. For this reason, you are going to want to be sure your home is energy efficient. Having window inserts installed can be a good way to achieve improved climate control. Also, window inserts can be beneficial for a number of other reasons you will be interested in knowing about. Here is more information on window inserts you should know about:

What is a window insert?

A window insert is a window that's fully operational. However, what's different about this window is that it is installed within the existing trim and sill of an existing window that's already in place. This means the insert can be installed without the need to disrupt the existing window, so it remains intact while the insert is in place, as well as once the insert gets removed, should you decide to have it removed at some point. The insert will offer protection from storms, replace the glass of the current window if it's needed, and even offer options when it comes to window tint and other effects. The insert will also offer you more insulation, and this is why it helps make the home more energy-efficient. 

What will a window insert look like?

You probably wouldn't want to have window inserts installed if they called attention to themselves and looked out of place. Luckily, you can get window inserts that are made from material that will offer a consistent look with what you already have going. Also, the insert can offer the look of glass, look like fogged glass, look tinted, or look like glass with other effects. This allows you to have inserts put in that match the windows and give your windows the appearance you prefer. 

When are inserts preferable to replacing entire windows?

Window inserts are good for quickly improving the energy-efficiency and storm protection, as mentioned above. However, they also give you an instant way to change the appearance of the windows. They also give you the benefits of tint in a way that isn't permanent. If you want to save money, save time, and make a change that you aren't sure you want to be permanent yet, then you are someone who may find window inserts to be the right answer. 

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26 May 2022

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